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News/Policy updates

Any news, annoucements, or policy changes will be published here. Any questions or comments, call the library at 409-962-6281.
  • Memorial made for Eddie E. Shamp, Jr.

    Eddie Shamp Jr. was born on May 24, 1930 in Louisiana. He served honorably as a para-trooper with the 82nd Airborne Division during the Korean conflict. He moved to Beaumont as a youngster and remained to raise a family and pursue a career. He retired as a District Chief of the Beaumont Fire Department for over 30 years.
    Memorial made for Eddie E. Shamp, Jr.
    In Memory of Eddie Shamp Jr.

    Mr. Shamp passed away peacefully after a long illness on December 16, 2018.

    Donors for this memorial are Louella Doucet, Ginger Tuttle, Laura Fosdick, Keilah Baaheth, and Bobby Hanks. 

    Acknowledgement sent to Deborah Harper, Vidor, Texas.

    The following books were placed in Groves Public Library in Mr. Shamp's honor:

    Four Hours of Fury by James M. Fenelon
    How to Do Everything: Genealogy 4th Ed. by George Morgan

  • Louella Doucet becomes GPL Director

    It was announced this week that Louella Doucet will be the new Groves Public Library Director.
    Louella Doucet becomes GPL Director
    Louella Doucet

    It was announced Monday, that Louella Doucet will step into the position vacated by Deborah Harper in May 2018, to become the new Groves Public Library Director.

    Louella first began her library work when she was attending Port Neches-Groves ISD as part of the work-school program. She was 17 years old. She has been working at GPL ever since.

    Through the years, Louella has been the Children's Program coordinator, tech services manager and Interim Director on many occasions. She worked alongside, retired library director Deborah Harper, for thirteen years.

    Louella is a part of the Groves community, having moved to Groves as a youngster, married and raised a family.

    She and her team of full time and part-time library workers and volunteers will carry on running the library that has been an integral part of Groves since the mid-1930's.

    Next time you visit the library, step in and congratulate Louella on becoming the new library director!

  • Memorial made for Huey Walter Martin

    A memorial was made for Huey Walter Martin who passed away October 22, 2018
    Memorial made for Huey Walter Martin
    Huey Walter Martin

    The memorial was made by Charlie and Bonnie Wallace and Family.

    A book is being researched and will be added to the collection in Mr. Martin's honor.

  • Reminder on Cost of Memorial Books

    Memorial book cost reminder
    Reminder on Cost of Memorial Books
    Book costs are rising

    Due to rising costs of books, this item will serve as a reminder that any memorial made to GPL needs to be $30 to cover the book costs.

    Beginning March 1, 2018, the cost of any regular print memorial will be $30, whether adult or children's book. Any donation given in the name of a loved one under $30, will be listed simply as a donation and no book will be added to the collection.

    The cost of a large print book will remain at $35.

    We appreciate your letting us memorialize your loved one with a book for our library. We do our best to research and locate just the perfect book. We also do our best to honor your wishes of a particular subject. Keep in mind if we cannot find a suitable book on your request, we will choose a book that we feel will be circulated well and be worthy of the memory you specified.

  • Beverage and Snacks Policy Changed

    Beginning May 1, 2018, GPL will no longer allow beverages and snack in the library. In addition, coffee sales will also cease.


    Beginning May 1, 2018, Groves Public Library will not be allowing food, or drinks inside the library. Because there is a fountain in the library foyer for water, water bottles are not allowed inside the library. Patrons may bring drinks in the library foyer. Eating outside at the picnic table is allowed as long as all food items are disposed of promptly and correctly.

    Additionally, after May 1, the coffee will no longer be for sale at the library.

    Library users will be given one warning that they are not to have open drink and food items in the library. If the patron or visitor still does not comply, they will be asked to leave the library.

                  Signed by Deborah Harper, Library Director

  • Policy Regarding 3-Day DVDs

    There is a policy change concerning the circulation of new DVDs.
    Policy Regarding 3-Day DVDs
    New 3 Day DVD policy

    New DVDs  will now be called "3 Day DVDs" and will not be able to be reserved online, on the phone, or in person. They will be available on a first come, first serve basis only.

    This is in order to ensure that all patrons have the same access to the newer titles in our collection.

    3-Day DVDs will circulate for only 3 days. You can return them in the outside book drop that is in place along the back driveway at the library after hours. The fine for a late 3-Day DVD will be $1.00 per day.

  • Limited Donations Accepted

    We appreciate your giving usable donations to the library, but we are at a point where we can only accept one box donations. We have run out of storage space.
    Limited Donations Accepted
    We have a book sale room with reasonable prices

    Beginning immediately, GPL can only accept one box of donated materials. We have run out of storage space. There is a recycling place in Nederland that takes paper items. We will not be having formal "book sales" in the immediate future, but we do have a book sale room with reasonable prices. Other libraries in the area may take your items, please check with them.

    Please make sure your donations are in good condition: no water damage, bugs, cigarette smoke, torn or marked pages, etc.

    Books must be no older than 3 years old to be considered for the shelves.

  • Changes in Circulation Policy

    Adults may now check out 12 items----- among the 12, 5 audios for 14 days, and 4 DVDs for 7 days. Children can also check out 5 audios for 7 days. Audios will move from .15 per day late charge to $1.00 to be more in line with DVDs.

    Beginning Immediately--changes in over 18 and under 18 circulation

    Adults can now check out 12 items. Of the 12, 4 may be DVDs and 5 may be audios. Late charges for audios have increased to $1 from .15 cents to be more in line with DVDs instead of print materials.

    Children can also check out 12 items, 4 of which may be audios.



    How many allowed

    When due back


    Over 18 “adult”


    12 items

    14 days


    Under 18


    12 items

    14 days


    Under 18


    (4) of 12



    Over 18 are allowed


    (4) of 12 above

    7 days


    Over 18 are allowed


    (5) of 12 above

    14 days









    1.      Over 18 and Under 18 can now have 12 items total


    2.      Among the 12, 5 may be audios, which carry a late fine of $1 per day for both “over 18” and “under 18” and check out for 14 days.


    3.      Among the 12 for “over 18”, (4) may be DVDs, which circulate for 7 days and carry a late fine of $1 per day.



  • Guns in the Library

    FAQ: Public Libraries and Open Carry

    Handguns and Texas Libraries Home | For Campuses of Higher Education

    Can public library districts in Texas choose to ban users with an open/concealed carry license from bringing a firearm into the library?

    No, library districts are public entities and not specifically exempted under the law (Texas Penal Code §46.035) so a library cannot choose to impose their own local restrictions. In most cases, public library districts may not prohibit licensed individuals from bringing handguns into the library, and the library may not wrongfully post signs.

    Can a public library that is established as a non-profit organization restrict access for library users with an open/concealed handgun carry license?

    Yes. If the library and building are owned by a private non-profit organization, the library building is private property, and therefore the property owner can ask their users not to bring firearms into the facility. As a non-governmental entity, the library would have to inform the public of this prohibition with a notice posted as specified in Texas Penal Code §30.06 and 30.07.

    Can I post a sign that handguns may not be carried in my public library?

    No, unless your library and premises are owned by a private non-profit organization. A private, non-profit library can post a notice as outlined in Texas Penal Code §30.06 and 30.07.

    Are there any individual times or days where handguns would be banned?

    Yes, there are a few. Handguns are not allowed at a library, even for licensed carriers, at the following times:

    Does the person licensed to carry the handgun need to have it secured in any way?

    Yes. The weapon, whether loaded or unloaded, must be kept in a shoulder or belt holster (Texas Penal Code §46.02). Also, it is always illegal to brandish a firearm in any way that might be interpreted as threatening (Texas Penal Code §42.01)

    Can library staff make a user show proof that they are licensed to carry a handgun?

    No. Law enforcement personnel however, have the right to request proof of a person’s license to carry a handgun.

    What about library employees and volunteers? Can they be banned from carrying handguns in the library?

    They can be. Libraries may prohibit their employees and volunteers from bringing handguns into the workplace and from carrying in employer-owned or leased vehicles used for work (Texas Labor Code §52.062(a)(b)). This is the case whether or not the employee is licensed to carry a handgun.

    Libraries may not restrict staff who are licensed to carry a handgun from having the weapon in a locked personal vehicle in the employer’s parking lot (Texas Labor Code §52.061).


  • Policy Change for New Library Registrants

    Policy change pertaining to persons registering for a library card at Groves Public Library.
    Policy Change for New Library Registrants

    Beginning immediately, Groves Public Library will be allowing new card registrants to check out two titles of their choice on the day they initially come into the library for a card.
    Previously, potential patrons had to wait to return their address verification letter before being allowed to check anything out. However, this change will allow anyone who presents valid credentials to be considered for a library card to check out two hardcover or paperback titles of their choice. Once they return with the address verification proof, then they will become full members with full check out rights.

    ID needed to become a member is a valid Texas ID or Driver's license showing the current address of the applicant, or a current utility bill or lease showing the name and address of the applicant. After showing proof of name and address, a potential patron is required to wait 3 days to receive a address verification letter from the library. They in turn must bring this letter back to the library to receive their card.

    Groves Public Library wants everyone to feel welcomed when they come to the library, particularly first time visitors who request to join our library. We are striving to see that everyone walks away with a book in their hand.

  • Cap Placed on Allowable Copies

    Visitors are limited in how many copies they can print from computer or on the copier.

    Copies---On Copier: Charge=20 cents per page, limit of 20 copies. NO EXCEPTIONS! (October 30, 2017)
    Patrons using the copier in the library must pay for their copies at the counter before leaving. 

    Patron is responsible for paying for any copies that are made in error.

    The library is responsible for the cost of the toner and supplies for copiers and printers.

  • WIFI access to be limited

    Beginning immediately, GPL will no longer provide WIFI access after 5 PM on weekdays. Weekend access will be at closing time on Saturday at 3 PM.
    WIFI access to be limited
    WIFI will be limited

    Due to circumstances beyond  the library's control, patron and visitor access to WIFI outside the library building will be limited to hours that the library is open. On weekdays, we will discontinue WIFI at 5 PM. On Saturday, WIFI will only be available till 3 PM.

    We regret having to restrict our WIFI access. This is contrary to what the library stands for. However, because of the behavior that has been exhibited by some weekend visitors, it seems the WIFI access is not being used in the manner we meant for it to be.

    Hopefuly, we can re-assess this decision after 60 days.

  • GPL participating in TEXShare Card Program once again

    Groves Public Library is once again in the TexShare card program.
    GPL  participating in TEXShare Card Program once again

    Update December 5, 2018
    Groves Public Library is once again participating in the TexShare Card Program.