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Cuddlebugs Program

Beginning 2022, Mrs. Jacqueline Nieves-Goss will be directing the Cuddlebugs program. She will be aided by Mrs. Elaine Roy.

Cuddlebugs is a pre-kindergarten program geared towards children age 1 to 5 years and their parents or stay at home care-givers. Our program allows 18 child participants. Sign up is required to hold a reserved spot.

Cuddlebugs Mission Statement:
We believe that reading should be a fun, family interaction that will
inspire children to become life-long readers.

Rules for Children’s Program Participation
Don’t run
Be Kind
Use Your Library Voice

Info Just for Parents
Our program is geared to pre-kindergarten age children and their caregivers. There are only 20 slots so you must register early. If you miss two programs you may forfeit your slot to another parent on the waiting list. Do not bring older siblings who are ill to the program. Let us know if your child has any food allergies. Photos may be taken of the children as a group during the program for publicity use.