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Policy Change for New Library Registrants

Policy change pertaining to persons registering for a library card at Groves Public Library.
Policy Change for New Library Registrants

Beginning immediately, Groves Public Library will be allowing new card registrants to check out two titles of their choice on the day they initially come into the library for a card.
Previously, potential patrons had to wait to return their address verification letter before being allowed to check anything out. However, this change will allow anyone who presents valid credentials to be considered for a library card to check out two hardcover or paperback titles of their choice. Once they return with the address verification proof, then they will become full members with full check out rights.

ID needed to become a member is a valid Texas ID or Driver's license showing the current address of the applicant, or a current utility bill or lease showing the name and address of the applicant. After showing proof of name and address, a potential patron is required to wait 3 days to receive a address verification letter from the library. They in turn must bring this letter back to the library to receive their card.

Groves Public Library wants everyone to feel welcomed when they come to the library, particularly first time visitors who request to join our library. We are striving to see that everyone walks away with a book in their hand.