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Reminder on Cost of Memorial Books

Memorial book cost reminder
Reminder on Cost of Memorial Books
Book costs are rising

Due to rising costs of books, this item will serve as a reminder that any memorial made to GPL needs to be $30 to cover the book costs.

Beginning March 1, 2018, the cost of any regular print memorial will be $30, whether adult or children's book. Any donation given in the name of a loved one under $30, will be listed simply as a donation and no book will be added to the collection.

The cost of a large print book will remain at $35.

We appreciate your letting us memorialize your loved one with a book for our library. We do our best to research and locate just the perfect book. We also do our best to honor your wishes of a particular subject. Keep in mind if we cannot find a suitable book on your request, we will choose a book that we feel will be circulated well and be worthy of the memory you specified.