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Fiber Connectivity Coming to GPL in September

The City of Groves has made it possible for us to offer fiber access for our patron and staff Internet access. The access should be available mid-September 2016.
Fiber Connectivity Coming to GPL in September
Fiber connectivity is coming to GPL

Time Warner Cable is working on bringing high speed fiber access into Groves Public Library with the blessing of the City of Groves. We are proud to announce that the project should be complete in early to mid September 2016. Access speed for downloads and uploads should increase dramatically once the project is finished.

We applaud the City of Groves for allowing us to pursue this connectivity of the future for our community.

Broadband access is enormously important if libraries are to fulfill their mission of
serving the American public. People of all ages and backgrounds increasingly depend
on the local library’s public access computers, Internet access, and reference support
to search for jobs, take classes, complete homework assignments, obtain medical
information, and receive government information and services. A local library’s Internet
capabilities can also play an essential role in disaster response and the provision of
emergency services.

The public’s demand on library Internet access will surge as a result of the advent of
streaming of high-definition video over the Internet, the increasing prevalence of online
job training and employment applications, consumers’ growing need for e-government
services, and rising numbers of computer terminals and wireless laptop computer users

There are two ways to think about the benefits to libraries of having a fiber connection.
First, fiber allows a library to think beyond basic services and introduce new services
and applications that it may previously have been unable to provide because of limited

Second, new services and applications aside, upgrading to a fiber connection may soon
be necessary simply to keep pace with changes in technology and the public’s growing
data needs.

4 Benefits of Fiber Connectivity

Fiber-optic connectivity can lend a great advantage to libraries of all sizes.

1. Speed

2. Cloud Access

3. Signal Strength

4. Bandwidth