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Fines and Circulation

Below you will find circulation information on various materials including fines and fees. Note: The circulation information will be changing as of May 1, 2011.

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How many materials can I check out?

Adults are limited to 11 items. No more than 2 DVDs and
 4 videos (included in the 11 items).

How long is your borrowing period?  The circulation period for print materials is 2 weeks, audios for 2 weeks, videos check out for one week, magazines for one week and Dvds check out for one week.

Can persons under 18 check out DVDs or videos?
NO. Children and persons under 18 may not check out videos or DVDs. They can check out books and magazines.

How many print items can persons under 18 check out? They are allowed to check out 8 items. 

How much do you charge for a fine on late print materials? The fine for all print material and audio books is 15 cents per day per item.

Can I renew by phone or email? The easiest way to renew a book is to come into the library and get your username and password so you can renew books yourself on our catalog site. You can renew by phone to avoid a late charge. If the book is not on the reserve list or a 7 day loan, we will renew it for you.

How much do you charge for a video or DVD fine?$1.00 per day per item with a 50-cent rewind fee. They cannot be renewed. Failure to pay library fines and overdue charges will result in suspension of library privileges including use of the library computers.

Using Another Patron's Card/Obtaining a Replacement Card

When your card is issued you have agreed to abide by the rules set forth for Groves Public Library, return all library materials on time, be responsible for any fines that accrue on your library account and to pay for any lost or damaged materials. No one is allowed to use someone else's card unless that person is physically present at the library at the time. 


It is required that you show your card when you check out material.  If you lose your card, there is a $1.00 fee for a replacement card. Patrons 65 or older pay a 50 cent fee for a replacement card starting April 2, 2009.

Patrons may be granted to check out one time without the card if they have misplaced their card. Staff may ask the patron to verify certain information to assure that the person is not using someone else's account.


 You will be asked for your card when checking out materials. This is for your benefit, so others will not simply be able to know your name and use your account. If you are a patron of GPL, the staff will check your card to see if any overdue materials or fines are present on your account. If so, you will not be allowed to use the computers or access the Internet until your account is cleared.

Faculty Designation:

To circulate our materials more efficiently, we have reviewed circulation rules for all groups of patrons. Our circulation per capita, as reported to the state of Texas, reflects the number of times a book checks out per patron. In order to increase our circulation flow, the following changes are needed.

Patrons wishing to be designated as FACULTY for the coming school year should add this info to the back of the paper application card immediately:

Persons wishing to be designated as FACULTY who teach in public school:  a)Name of the school,

b)The grade they teach, c) Phone number of the school where they teach.

Persons who Home school:  a) Provide the name of the organization they teach under, b) Or the name of the    curriculum they are using.

Persons studying to become teachers: a) Provide the name of the school, b) The name of the course and their      professor.

Persons designated as FACULTY will only be allowed to check out 20 books per circulation.

Persons designated as FACULTY will only be allowed extra check out during the school term---August to May of each  year.

During summer months FACULTY will be allowed to check out the regular adult patron limit which is 11 materials per circulation.

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